Well-Being Comic Book

Vivian Vim is a renowned scientist, socialite and very wealthy woman, she’s also a superhero. Her secret identity is “Radiant Woman.” Vivian is out to teach the world her “magical energy” powers which are really a new healing method that anyone can learn called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®). In this full color “comic book” You’ll learn a super way to get powerful results for your health and well-being. Let Radiant Woman teach you a super way to get powerful results for your health and well-being. You get super results, and you don’t need to be a superhero do to it.

Comic books are an oxymoron. Quite often they’re serious or dramatic. Many are fantasy or science fiction. They’re certainly not books. Let’s call them story booklets. Have you ever heard of “amplification through simplification?” If you want to teach a person something, take it down to its simplest form. Well, that’s the idea behind the comic book Radiant Woman.

We wanted a way to quickly teach people about EFT in an entertaining way. Our intention was to offer a kickstart, a primer, a sampler, a door-opener into the world of EFT and energy healing. We wanted a graphic, lively kapow!

It had to be in a format that was a quick read — 15 minutes or less. Our target audience was the general public, ages early teens to adults. What intuitively popped up for us was to convey the value of EFT creatively in a comic book format. Also, what better way to communicate a “miraculous” method than through a superhero?

Oh, aren’t comic books for “dummies?” No, if you visit coffee shops around the most elite institution in Japan — Tokyo University — you’ll see tons of Manga comics. “Brainiacs” of all kinds read comics in Japan.

Here’s a short promotional video. The online version is available for free viewing. Order printed copies for the highest quality. Visit RadiantWoman.info.