Stress Finesse Workshops

Stress overload costs companies dearly. In America, it’s estimated to be a $300 billion a year profit killer. Stress overload results in one million absent American workers each day. Stress costs mistakes and accidents, increases in alcoholism and drug use, workplace violence and harassment, lawsuits, declining productivity and burnout, low morale and lost employees. Cut the hidden costs of workplace stress. Teach executives and employees how to positively leverage their workplace stress for better health, a higher quality of life, and long term organizational success.

Most training takes too much time for today’s busy workplace. And, too much training is simply a core dump of information that overloads participants. Learning is temporary. Stress management training needs to be simple, memorable and clearly convey value so there’s behavior change. Our Stress Finesse program, designed for 10-20 participants, starts with a concentrated 3-hour seminar with handout tools, followed by 24/7 online tutorials and 60 days of follow-up via e-mail and postal mail with tips and ideas. The objective is to ensure participants not only learned the stress management methods, and they have put them into practice in every day life.