Tools to positively

change your life

Change your beliefs and you can change your life. Contrary to what you may believe, there are some simple, powerful tools you can learn to create positive results quickly and easily. Are you open to growing to new possibilities?

Only EFT Tapping Book Co-Authored by 20 Worldclass Experts

If you’re a results-oriented, open-minded person, this book can be a valuable tool for your health and well-being. Inside the pages, you’ll learn a simple, effective method that will surprise you with its undeniably wondrous results. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or tapping, is an energy psychology and healing modality that can help erase negative and blocked emotions that can affect your health. EFT is something that you can learn to do for yourself quickly and easily. The book is written for the general public and people new to learning about EFT. It has a wealth of ideas and information you can put to practical use in all areas of your life immediately.

Full Color Comic Book -- the Fun, Entertaining Way to Learn EFT

Radiant Woman is a comic book about Vivian Vim. She’s a renowned scientist, socialite and very wealthy woman. She’s also a superhero. Her secret identity is “Radiant Woman.” Vivian is out to teach the world her “magical energy” powers which are really a healing method that anyone can learn called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®) or tapping. In this full color “comic book” You’ll learn a super way to get powerful results for your health and well-being. Let Radiant Woman teach you a how to get powerful results for your health and well-being. You get super results, and you don’t need to be a superhero do to it.

EFT Wallet Cards

Our EFT Wallet Cards are a quick, handy reference guide to doing the classic EFT Shortcut Method. The outside of the card has a photo with EFT points indicated. The sideside which isn’t shown folds out to show. complete instructions step-by-step. It’s the same size as a business card when it’s folded to 3-1/2″ by 2″. The EFT Wallet Card is old in packs of 100 scored cards. Includes free shipping in the USA.

EFT Wallet Cards 100 Pack (FREE Shipping)


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MindSigns Encouragement Cards

You want to keep in touch, but how do you find the time? There are too many things vying for your attention. Well, now there’s an easy way to reach out and stay in touch in today’s fast-paced world. Although e-mail, text messaging and phone calls are good for communicating with family and friends, most people prefer cards or letters to feel truly special. MindSigns greeting cards are a unique, uplifting gift. They’re a series of thought-provoking greeting cards mailed each week to help keep someone you care about inspired and moving in a positive direction. All you do is pick the person and you are done. We do everything else. Week after week, your gift recipient will know you care when they receive their weekly MindSigns card.

Stress Finesse Workshops

Stress overload costs companies dearly. In America, it’s estimated to be a $300 billion a year profit killer. Stress overload results in one million absent American workers each day. Stress costs mistakes and accidents, increases in alcoholism and drug use, workplace violence and harassment, lawsuits, declining productivity and burnout, low morale and lost employees. Cut the hidden costs of workplace stress. Teach executives and employees how to positively leverage their workplace stress for better health, a higher quality of life, and long term organizational success.

Our Stress Finesse program, designed for 10-20 participants, starts with a concentrated 3-hour seminar with handout tools, followed by 24/7 online tutorials and 60 days of follow-up via e-mail and postal mail with tips and ideas. The objective is to ensure participants not only learned the stress management methods, and they have put them into practice in every day life.